The Camparista Experience



We are transforming a captivating legacy into lasting future success.

We are passionate achievers because we enjoy our journey.

We are welcoming by nature and build genuine relationships.

We are small enough to bring a personal touch.

We are big enough to take on the world.


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Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy aims to establish a common language and a common approach for marketing teams all over the world. It is designed to build Campari Group’s for iconic and profitable brands for the future, share best practices to the benefit of the whole community and attract & retain top marketing talents.


Finance Academy

The Finance Academy supports the capabilities development required by the organizational evolution. It has been thought to create functional awareness and to spread the business partnership model built by Campari Group. In the spirit of “Achieving together” and to and to reach the excellence in delivery, the Academy encourages the cross functional interaction, promoting structured occasions to discuss about strategic and linguistic interconnections.

The Group proposes a Finance for Non-Finance course to all Camparistas in the aim of spreading basics of financial principles.


Commercial Academy

The Campari Commercial Academy has been developed to establish our Campari Way of Selling. It is a comprehensive training program delivered to all Sales department, oriented to develop those necessary skills to build effective relationships with our customers at all levels.


HR Academy

HR AcademyThe HR Academy was thought to sustain the change management process embraced by the function and to build a consistent and thorough functional competency across all HR teams.

To enhance our functional identity spreading the redesign of organization and delivery model. From a common and shared identity, allowing ourselves to partner consistently with Camparistas across all markets.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Academy

The aim of the SC Academy is to create awareness about approaches and models to build the functional identity. It purpose is additionally, offering Camparistas technical competencies to develop a more and more customer centric approach. Understanding the end-to-end Supply Chain Process and act more as business partners. This is achieved through reinforcing technical capabilities and the creation of a common way of working within the function.

General Management

General Management Academy

The General Management Academy is thought for those Camparistas called to set the change into the organization. The mix of business and leadership competencies development, supports the transition into general management roles in Campari Group.


Campus 2.0

Campari Group has been among the first companies in the world to introduce a new social learning platform, Campus 2.0. This online platform, which brings together 2 million items of free training content from more than 1,700 sources, provides e-learning, videos, articles and manuals of all types and subjects in real time. Campus 2.0 is a long-term investment that will both help stimulate individual curiosity and responsibility as a driver of professional development, and serve as a tool for greater knowledge-sharing among colleagues and as a managerial lever.

Lead for

Lead for Change

The Lead4Change program is a core part of our Capabilities Development Architecture aimed to support Camparistas in assuming and performing Leadership positions effectively. Thought for those people called to drive the change into the organization, the purpose of the program is to empower the Entrepreneurship, seizing opportunities and challenging the status quo.

Campari Way of

People Management

Campari Way of People Management supports the development of people management skills for those Camparistas called to embrace the change. Based on a classroom session, a 360 questionnaire and coaching this program offers the opportunity to work on the own leadership style and knowing the Campari’s people management tools and models.

Campari Way of

Individual Contributing

The Campari Way of Individual Contributor aims to help individual key people called to execute the change, to achieve their own targets, persuading their stakeholders in working towards common goals. In the spirit of Better Together, the program develops the ability to engage colleagues for driving the personal effort in the direction of an organizational objective.


We are independent-minded and action-oriented.
We empower fresh thinking.
We don’t follow the crowd.

This is why Camparistas always feel there are opportunities to make a difference.


We build on our knowledge and experience.
We tackle new challenges everyday.
We learn fast and we adapt quickly.

This is why Camparistas always go all-out, learning and growing everyday.


We encourage our people towards their goals.
We are passionate about our iconic brands.
We take great pride in our legacy.

This is why Camparistas feel a strong sense of ownership and belonging.


We enjoy a friendly and open team spirit.
We believe our diversity enriches our abilities.
We succeed most when we blend our talents together.

This is why Camparistas feel they can achieve more together than alone.